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privilege & diversity

Most organisations have programs in place to address sexism or racism or homophobia — but what happens when someone is a queer person of colour, or a disabled first nations person? Our lives and needs overlap and intersect, and the impact can be exponential.

Understanding privilege and oppression from a structural perspective is a first step to addressing the ways your organisation might be inadvertently contributing to marginalising your staff, volunteers, clients or members. Find out more »

the intertwine charter

Six areas where your organisation could improve

Over a period of 12 months and a series of co-design sessions, intertwine created a charter outlining six areas where organisations can improve their internal policies or practices: governance, events, employment and conditions, member relations, marketing and publicity, and buildings and amenity.

Every organisation will find something here that’s fairly easy to implement — and probably a lot more that will take time and culture change. intertwine can help — with training, workshops and tailored discussions. We also offer mediation and facilitation for difficult conversations. Enquire now »

The charter also aims to aid organisations to become an ally along the axes of oppression the organisation does not inhabit. 

Read the charter »


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Whatever your organisation, intertwine has trainers, mediators and experts available to guide you through the interlocking issues of race, sexuality, gender, class, disability and more. 


Our training ranges from intersectionality 101 to how to communicate race, class and sexuality narratives to consent and more,



When you have a challenging situation in a workplace involving one or more marginalised people, you need someone onside,

policy review

Our experts can check your existing policies for gaps and suggest improvements or help draft policies from scratch.


We’ll review your event plan and check it for accessibility, gender balance, racial justice, LGBTIQ, religious and neurodiversity inclusivity.

Training for all levels

Empower your people

privilege & diversity

consent training







from our founder

Everything is connected

Where are you able to speak out where others might not be able to speak out? Where are you able to act where others cannot act?

Why are we not working together? We need solidarity. We need to learn to be excellent allies. We need to step back and speak last and let the people who have more challenges in this society speak before us.

We need to acknowledge our privileges and we need to call each other in when we make mistakes and not call each other out unless solidarity requires it so that people are safe.

But we need compassion for each other as we stumble towards solutions. There is too much lateral violence. It has to stop.

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