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intertwine aims to dismantle the systemic power structures that create marginalisation and oppression. We provide evaluation, organisational change workshops, tailored training and licensed intersectionality resources. Join organisations such as Our Watch, Rainbow Health and the Victorian Government and find out what intertwine can do for you today.


our inclusive cultural assessment walks you through a variety of equity measures, including diversity and inclusion, intersectional approaches, cultural safety and more.



if your organisation already has an intersectionality strategy, intertwine can conduct a comprehensive evaluation, interviewing staff and outputs, resulting in recommendations for continuous improvement.


we can tailor training to your needs — we offer professional development, intersectionality 101 workshops, anti-racism workshops, anti-bullying & harassment sessions and executive upskilling.

Download our free resource for your training

Our most requested resource, the privilege wheel handout is designed for use in small group discussion as part of intersectionality training. Although it is free, we ask that you add a donation to your order if you or your organisation can afford it. intertwine pays 1% of all income to First Nations communities via the Pay the Rent Grassroots Collective.

Evaluation & organisational change

In 2020, intertwine was contracted by Our Watch, the national body working on the prevention of violence against women and their children, to evaluate the organisation’s intersectionality strategy. intertwine put together a team of people, including Lidia Thorpe, Meriki Onus, Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli, Rafeif Ismail and Emily De Rango and conducted a mixed-methods evaluation involving desktop research, individual interviews with internal and external stakeholders, staff focus groups, online workshops and interactive spaces. 

The resulting report was well received by the senior leadership team. Book a consultation »

Tailored training

intertwine develops tailored training on a variety of topics, from intersectionality 101 to consent & power, from race & disability to race, gender & sexuality. Request a quote today using the form on this page.

We have also delivered Intersectionality 101 training for individuals from not-for-profit health organisations, local government, Victorian State Government departments and statutory authorities. See our next training dates »

Training materials

Our Privilege Wheel infographic is available for use in your own training or resources, with attribution. Organisations currently using the intertwine Privilege Wheel include the Victorian Government, in its MARAM Collaborative Practice Module, and The Commons Library. While the Privilege Wheel is free, we invite donations to support our ongoing work to dismantle structural barriers and continue to offer free seats to First Peoples in our own training work. Download the Privilege Wheel now »

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